Pedestrian Hit and Killed on the Road to Ferihegy Airport

A pedestrian was hit and killed on the road to Ferihegy Airport in Budapest early Thursday night, police reported on their website.

Woman Strangles Her Husband’s Lover in Tiszadada

The woman who had been arrested by the Nyíregyháza District Court on Wednesday after suspectedly strangling her husband’s lover in Tiszadada, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, on June 18th, was aware of her husband’s relationship for a certain period of time.


Székely Festival returns to Budapest after two-year hiatus

The Székely Festival dedicated to Szekler gastronomy, handcrafts and music will return to Budapest after a two-year hiatus from Friday to Sunday, Finance Minister Mihály Varga said. Varga told journalists that the event strengthened economic cooperation between Szekler Land and Hungary, with some 150 Transylvanian businesses getting a chance to present themselves in Budapest’s Millenáris […]

Budapest Included in Ulysses Network Project

Budapest has been included in a two-year cultural scheme of the European Union’s Creative Europe programme placing James Joyce’s novel Ulysses in a contemporary context.

Night of Museums to Present Events at Over 400 Locations

The twentieth Night of Museums running until the early hours will be held on June 25, featuring concerts, guided tours and interactive presentations at more than 400 locations.