Budapest Design Week Starts on Friday


This year, the Budapest Design Weeket (BDW) is going to be held under the motto New Standards. The event awaits its visitors with almost 200 programs – exhibitions, professional events, city walks, craft workshops and open studios – in Budapest and several other cities from Friday to October 17th.


Budapest Design Week is an important event for the Hungarian design culture to show where it stands and what it can do, said the President of the National Intellectual Property Office (SZTNH) at the press conference of the series of events in Budapest on Thursday. Gyula Pomázi added that BDW wants to show a new and strange world: since the pandemic, completely different attitudes and habits have emerged, and in this era the role of the creative industries will become even more important. Judit Osvárt, curator of the Budapest Design Week festival, said about the motto of this year’s series of events, that the slogan New Standards refers to these phenomena. Sustainability and social sensitivity have been important topics for years, and the Internet has become almost omnipotent, while there is a strong transformation in the world of work, she added. However, as she added, the pandemic has accelerated all these processes: mobility has changed, home office has become widespread, the world of fashion is changing, and designers have a key role to play in all this. The most obvious manifestation of the New Standards slogan is the central exhibition of BDW, which presents the prototype products of 30 young Hungarian designers under the age of 30 in the Societé Budapest building, while the roundtable discussions related to the exhibition and the future of virtual reality, such as virtual fashion and luxury goods

According to Judit Osvárt, the Budapest Design Week is going to organize a conference and exhibition on social design. The programs of their Open Studios will provide an insight into the design studios, there will be business development events, as well as many other exhibitions, workshops, city walks and other programs. Zsófia Bata-Jakab, CEO of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (MDDÜ), said about one of the key accompanying programs of Budapest Design Week, the 360 ​​Design Budapest exhibition organized by MDDÜ: the exhibition has already won five international awards, including the most important recognition in the design world, and it also has a Red Dot Award. The exhibition, which has already been opened in the Bálna Budapest building, presents the work of 28 Hungarian and 10 regional designers. The main topic is sustainability, and the exhibition itself was made in the spirit of recyclability – said Zsófia Bata-Jakab. The detailed program of the series of events will be available at



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