Karaoke night by ESN Metropolitan

Party Zone University

Date: 6 April at 19.30

Venue: Morrison’s 2 Club

Well Hello there party beasts!🌝

Would you like to sing loudly from the bottom of your throat?😉

❗️Here’s the chance, DO NOT miss it❗️

We are offering you the place and all the necessities, you just need to enjoy it!!!
We are in the middle of the semester with all the projects and mid-terms, but everyone deserves a little rest SO this is the time when you should lay back a little and party just like we #Metropolitan students do😜

It all starts at 7.30pm on the 6th of April downstairs at the well known Morrisons2☺️
You can choose songs from various music styles and sing through the night, show everyone what you got🎤🎼


after you’re done with the karaoke or just want to take a break from it, there are plenty of other rooms where you can dance your legs off😉 from the retro up to techno😛

The more people, the better, so don’t hesitate, click on going and invite your friends too!🤩💯

See you there!

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