Gábor Kállai, Chess Grandmaster Has Passed Away at 62


Grandmaster Gábor Kállai, a Hungarian chess player, coach and former federal captain, who died at the age of sixty-two.


The Foundation for Hungarian Chess reported the news of Kállai’s death, mentioning that he was awarded an international master’s degree in 1982 and a grand master’s degree in 1995.

The Hungarian Chess Association “learned with deep pain and shock” about the death of Gábor Kállai.

“Gábor Kállai was a personal acquaintance of the best personalities of the whole Hungarian chess society and the international chess life, many of them were competitors, opponents, coaches, masters. His colorful, witty analysis, interviews, television shows, articles, and interpretations of the puzzle have brought thousands of the world’s most amazing logic games and intellectual sports close to thousands, as FIDE’s master coach has been involved in a wide range of chess development programs in many countries. Gábor Kállai, who has a large network of international acquaintances and speaks several languages ​​and is brilliantly minded, sparkled, conceived, organized and implemented at all times, worked actively even a few days ago, and has inexhaustible merits that Hungary and Budapest will host the Chess Olympics in 2024. ”


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