Szilveszter Csollány is Hospitalized With Coronavirus

National Sport

Hungarian sportsman Szilveszter Csollány, 51, who retired from racing in 2003, became infected with the coronavirus. Magyar Nemzet reported that the Olympic, world and European champion is in hospital, his condition is serious and he has been on a ventilator. The paper wanted to interview the athlete on November 23rd, but Csollány said he had become sick, and last week he only informed the paper by a text message that he had been hospitalized.


Yesterday afternoon, the press reported that he was in serious condition in a hospital. He was first treated in Sopron and then he was transported to Budapest.

“Csollány got the disease three weeks ago, but the problem didn’t seem serious at the time. A week ago, his condition became more serious, so he was transported from Sopron to a hospital in the capital, and was taken to an intensive care unit on a ventilator. All we can do now is pray for him to feel better.”

 A friend of the sportsman told Blikk.

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