Raid in Downtown Budapest


There was a raid in downtown Budapest. The Budapest Police Headquarters conducted a complex criminal and law enforcement inspection with partner authorities on the night of November 18th at the V., VI. and VII. district.

The action extended to detecting the perpetrators of drug-related crimes, preventing theft, disorderly conduct, and prostitution-related violations, as well as screening out drunk and intoxicated drivers and illegal drivers.

According to the announcement of the BRFK, a total of 187 persons were certified and 87 vehicles were checked. Seven people were arrested for drug possession and misdemeanor warrants, eleven people were taken in on suspicion of drug consumption, disorderly conduct, driving without a license, and one young person for not going back to the child protection institution.

During the operation, the police also took action for minor traffic violations. On-the-spot fines were imposed in eight cases for crossing a closed line, expired official license and unauthorized use of a bus lane. One person was fined for not wearing a seat belt, and a driver was reported for driving a vehicle that had been withdrawn from traffic. During the raid, the partner agencies also checked the operation of a downtown entertainment venue, during which the Metropolitan Disaster Management Directorate revealed irregularities related to fire protection regulations.

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