Robbery at a Tobacco Shop in Szigetszentmiklós


A 20-year-old woman who robbed a tobacco shop in Szigetszentmiklós with a knife is suspected of armed robbery, the Pest County Police Headquarters announced on on Tuesday morning.


The woman robbed the trafficker in the afternoon of September 16th. She threatened the employee with a knife and took more than HUF 450,000 and 4 packs of cigarettes. She threw away her knife on the spot and fled on a bicycle stolen a few hours earlier, with a flat tire, while dropping some of the loot.

The woman was captured a few hours later. During the interrogation, she admitted to the act, which according to her testimony, she committed “under the influence of drugs” and planned it because of her difficult financial circumstances.

The Criminal Department of the Szigetszentmiklós Police Department is continuing the further proceedings against the woman who has since been arrested due to the well-founded suspicion of the crime of armed robbery, they wrote.


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