20-Year-Old Girl Dies in Tragic Accident


A car crashed into a pole on Thursday evening around 11 p.m. in Budapest, in district XI. In the accident on Hunyadi János road, the driver of the vehicle was injured and his passenger died on the spot.


According to the available information, two young people were driving a Mazda 3 late on Thursday evening in district XI., on Hunyadi János road.

Leaving Savoya Park, they were presumably driving towards the city center at high speed, when the car slipped coming out of an S bend, as a result of which the Mazda spun and hit the concrete light pole standing on the dividing strip with its right side in front of the Mezőkövesd road traffic light intersection.

The light pole fell into the inner lane of the outbound side, luckily no other vehicle came along. The two young people in the vehicle were trapped in the car, which was split in two. They were freed by the professional firefighters of the capital with the help of tension cutters and handed over to the rescue service.

Unfortunately, the 20-year-old girl traveling in the right front seat could no longer be helped, she died on the spot, and the young male driver was taken care of on the road for a long time, then they were able to slide the stretcher under him and lift him into the ambulance car by placing him in heat-retaining foil, and then he was taken to hospital.

Due to his serious injuries, he could not be tested for alcohol or drugs on the spot, it will only be known after a blood test if he had consumed any mind-altering substance, but there were no signs of this.

The rescue operations were managed by the disaster prevention operations service. Buses 33 and 133E were diverted and drove through Mezőkövesd road in the direction of Budafok.



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