23-Year-Old Man Assaulted With an Iron Rod – He Died of His Injuries


A 23-year-old man died in the hospital after being repeatedly hit on the head with an iron rod by his ex-partner’s brothers in Erdőkertes, the Pest County Police Headquarters announced on police.hu on Sunday.


An eyewitness reported on Thursday evening that he saw two men in Erdőkertes wildly abusing a third one. The police arrived at the scene within minutes, they wrote.

The victim went to his ex-partner’s house in Erdőkertes, where he shouted and insulted the woman, and then the woman’s two brothers, a 31-year-old and a 41-year-old man, attacked the young man.

The brothers punched the victim several times on the head and kicked him all over the body with an iron rod. The young man lost consciousness and lay helpless. The two brothers dragged him into the garage, covered his body with a jacket, and pulled a radiator over his head.

The victim was so seriously injured that the paramedics had to resuscitate him, and then he was taken to hospital.

The abused man suffered a skull and cheek bone fracture, a sternum fracture, and a skull contusion, as a result of which he developed a traumatic brain hemorrhage. The young man died on Friday.

The two men suspected of the crime are being investigated for the well-founded suspicion of murder, and the police initiated their arrest.


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