Romanian Police Caught the Suspected Murderer in Oradea


As we have already reported, a young 30-year-old woman was killed at the weekend in Transylvania, Romania. The suspected murderer – the woman’s former university lecturer – was on the run until yesterday evening, when the Romanian police caught him in Oradea, Romania.


The police managed to caught the man who was suspected of killing Beáta Molnár – several Romanian portals reported on Thursday night. The news was later confirmed by the police.


According to the unanimous report of several Romanian-language online newspapers, the 43-year-old man, a resident of Arad County, was caught in Oradea. The Cluj24 portal was informed by judicial sources that the man had been transported to Cluj-Napoca on Thursday night for questioning. The car of the former university lecturer linked to the violent death of Beáta Molnár was discovered in Oradea-Venice, where the man rented an apartment.


On-the-spot reports revealed that the alleged perpetrator had been arrested near the Oradea-Venice railway station. The video footage taken here shows that police officers and forensic experts lift the handcuffed man from a freight car and then take him to the police headquarters in Oradea.

Beáta Molnár went on a trip with her 43-year-old friend on Saturday, and also posted a photo of herself in Havasrekettye that day. However, she did not return home from here, and the man was also missing. Police were notified on Monday of the woman’s disappearance. On Wednesday, a female corpse was discovered in an abandoned place, wrapped in garbage bags; the Cluj County Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating the case, officially announced on Thursday that Beáta’s body had been found and that her death was due to violence.

The suspected murderer came into the spotlight when, in 2020, he struck and kicked his former girlfriend on the open street for eight minutes with extreme cruelty. The violent attack in downtown Cluj-Napoca was recorded by surveillance cameras. The man – a university lecturer – was called upon to resign by the Sapientia EMTE after the incident, which he did immediately. His classes were taken over by the current victim. In a case of abuse at the time, a court in Cluj-Napoca sentenced the man to one year and three months in prison last March, but suspended execution of the sentence. The judgment at first instance was not appealed by the parties and was therefore finalized.


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