László Klein Went Missing in Budapest


The 47-year-old man is still being searched by police.


The Budapest Police Headquarters VII. District Police Headquarters initiated proceedings in the case of László Klein, who has been in an unknown place since 28th October, 2021.

According to the available information, the 47-year-old man went missing on October 28th, 2021 at around 16:10 p.m. He left Kazinczy street, in the VII. district and since then he has been in an unknown place. Police are still searching him.

László Klein is 180 centimeters high, has average body shape, and light, gray, shoulder-length hair. When he disappeared, he wore blue-rimmed glasses, a black hurricane coat, and black pants.

The Budapest Police Headquarters VII. The District Police Headquarters asks that anyone who has information about László Klein’s whereabouts, even while maintaining his anonymity, make a report on the 24-hour telephone number 06-80-555-111, the toll-free emergency number, or on the 112 toll-free emergency number.


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