Canadian killers were arrested in the VI. district in Budapest

National Police

Canadian killers were arrested in Hungary on Saturday night, the National Investigation Bureau of the Standby Police (KR NNI) said on on Monday.

Canadian police suspected a 28-year-old Slovak-born Canadian citizen and his 26-year-old Canadian girlfriend killed a 39-year-old man in Hamilton, Canada in late February and wounded his 26-year-old girlfriend with several shots.

The couple – Oliver K. and Lucy L. – fled after the crime and lived in illegality for months.

The Canadian authorities assumed that both the fugitives had left Canada and were trying to hide in Europe, so they issued an international arrest warrant against them and issued a press call.

The KR NNI put an end to the fugitives. In co-operation with the Canadian and several European police forces, after a long chase, the Hungarian police officers identified a possible hiding place for the fugitives. Saturday evening Budapest VI. district, both people were captured on the street.

Oliver K. and Lucy L. have been detained and will be extradited later, the statement reads.



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