Nigerian student attacks 6 women


According to the indictment, the 23-year-old foreign man attacked a total of 6 women, committed sexual violence to their detriment, and committed other crimes.

According to the indictment, the 23-year-old Nigerian man used or wanted to use sexual services from 6 women between August 17, 2019, and April 11, 2020, to whom he subsequently committed crimes.

In the first case, on August 17, 2019, the accused paid the amount requested by the victim in advance, however, upon completion of the sexual act, he recovered the service fee along with additional cash through the victim’s abuse.

On subsequent occasions, the defendant did not pass on the fee for the service in advance, despite the victims’ request, but wished to pay it after the sexual act. When the women refused to provide sexual services to the accused because of this, the accused attacked them. In most cases, he strangled and abused them, threatening one of the victims with a knife.

In three cases, the accused or the abandoned victim was abused, or, in some cases, the victim managed to flee the scene due to the persistent defense of the victims or partly due to the unfavorable location. In two cases, however, the accused overcame their resistance by abusing the victims and then exploiting the condition of the victims, who were weakened and intimidated as a result of the abuse, sexually abused them.

Police arrested the man on April 11, 2020, within hours of the crime committed that day, and investigated him.

The Budapest VI. and VII. The District Prosecutor’s Office accuses the man of 4 regular sexual violence – 2 of which are attempted – for vile reasons, violation of personal liberty armed and robbery, and proposed the imposition of a prison sentence against him and his final expulsion from the territory of Hungary.

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