Volán Strike Continues on Monday: Several Bus Routes Will Be Cancelled


No wage agreement was reached at the MÁV-Volán group’s wage negotiations last week, so the Solidarity Bus Transport Union announced another two-day Volán strike on Sunday.

At the meeting, MÁV leader Zoltán Pafféri repeated the latest offer, according to which the basic salary of the workers would increase by an average of 25 percent gross over three years. The trade unions representing Volánbusz employees, on the other hand, could only come to an agreement with the employer and conclude a wage agreement for this year, so they rejected the offer again.

Volánbusz previously called the campaign unjustified. According to the preliminary plans of the union that announced the strike,

19,180 flights may be canceled on Monday.

Due to the strike, intercity, local and agglomeration flights around Budapest will also be cancelled. You can browse the list of flights not operating on January 29th here.




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