Tens of Thousands See Their GP Due to Flu-Like Symptoms in Hungary


Last week – from 28,900 the previous week – the number of people who went to the doctor with flu-like symptoms increased to 31,100, the National Center for Public Health and Pharmaceuticals reported on Thursday.


According to their information, another 262,600 people went to see the doctor with symptoms of an acute respiratory infection. In the 49th week, 23.7 percent of patients who went to the doctor with a flu-like illness were children aged 0-14, 33.5 percent were young adults aged 15-34, 30.5 percent were aged 35-59, and 12.3 percent were over 60. 43.4 percent of those presenting with acute respiratory infection symptoms were children aged 0-14, 25.9 percent were young adults aged 15-34, 20.3 percent were aged 35-59, and 10.4 percent were over 60.

They also explained that, based on the data of the 24 hospitals assigned to the respiratory monitoring service, 252 people were admitted to the hospital in the 49th week due to serious, acute respiratory infections, of which 27 received intensive or sub-intensive care. 22.2 percent of patients requiring hospital care were 2 years old or younger, and 50.8 percent were 60 years old or older. Of the patients requiring hospital care, influenza A was the cause of the illness in four, respiratory giant cell virus (RSV) in two, and the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 182 infected patients. In the 49th week, there were no reports of accumulation of acute respiratory diseases, they said.




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