Rare Moon Halo Appeared in the Sky Last Night in Hungary


We could witness a spectacular astronomical phenomenon on Saturday night in the eastern part of the country.

Those who looked up could see the conjunction of the almost full moon and Jupiter. The combination of the Moon and Jupiter is special in itself, but in the eastern part of the country, the sight was even more interesting, a crescent moon appeared in the sky. Here, a thin veil cloud covered the sky, whose ice crystals refracted the light of our celestial companion and resulted in a halo phenomenon.

Photo of the moon halo taken in Kaba, Hajdú-Bihar county on 25th November, 2023.

Several people sent their photos from different settlements of Hajdú-Bihar county to the website, and the readers, including a resident of Kaba, took beautiful pictures of the sky.

Photo: Idokép/Kálmán Fazekas

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