Thunderstorms, Hail, Heavy Rainfall to Arrive on Sunday


During the day on Sunday, a fast-moving precipitation system will move from west to east in the country, from which, in addition to rain and showers, thunderstorms may also occur in places – the National Meteorological Service announced.

On Sunday, we can experience strong winds, in certain areas wind can be 80 km/h strong or even stronger. Strong wind may be accompanied by a large amount of precipitation (10-20 mm) and hail (<2 cm). Thunderstorm activity will gradually move further east and is expected to cease in the area of ​​the eastern and northeastern border by late evening.

During the day on Sunday, the south and south-west wind may be accompanied by stormy gusts (~60-80 km/h) over a large area, mainly in the Great Plain. In the evening, the air movement moderates. In the area of ​​the Northern Central Mountains, the amount of rain expected until Sunday evening may exceed 20 mm in a large area, the forecast reads.


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