These Hungarian celebrities show off their bodies on OnlyFans


Anikó Molnár is not the only Hungarian celebrity who wants to earn money on the Internet with her pictures.

Blikk looked around to see who the famous people are who have already discovered this new source of income for themselves.

Kristóf Steiner and his partner, Nimrod Dagan, live their everyday lives openly and freely, often without even wearing clothes, and they like to share footage of this on OnlyFans.

Anna Kelemen has always considered sexuality important, and she only uses her Instagram page to draw attention to her OnlyFans account, where she is naked. She believes that this does not make her less of a person at all. Anyone can see your sexy photos on the social media site for HUF ten thousand a month.

VV Merci also charges money for adult content. She said that not only she but also her boyfriend has an OnlyFans page, which they consider to be work, completely separate from their relationship. They only upload solo content, they don’t take joint pictures and videos, and they keep it to themselves. Picán’s photos can be purchased for around HUF 7,000 per month.

But she is not the only former Real World player who uses her skills to earn money: VV Vivien offers tasteful half-naked pictures of herself on OnlyFans.

Many people may also remember Tamara Bencsik, the former singer of Megasztár, who, although she is also involved in music, increases her income with her sexually content pictures on OnlyFans. He can easily earn money on the site, there were people who paid him HUF 5-7,000 for even a simple photo of her toes.

Photo: VV Merci

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