Where is winter? The expected weather conditions for the next 8-10 days


Although the beginning of January is usually the coldest period of the year according to statistics, 2023 began with spring weather and warm records, and no serious cooling is expected in the next 8-10 days.


However, too mild weather during this period of the year is particularly harmful from an agricultural point of view, the National Meteorological Service wrote in its agrometeorological analysis published on Thursday.

According to the announcement published on their website, last week’s weather was mild weather and heat records in Hungary, the peak temperature in the southwest rose above 15 degrees Celsius on several days, and daily heat records were broken several times.

There has been no significant ground frost in the country so far this winter, only the upper few centimeters temporarily froze on a few less cloudy nights.

The 30-day precipitation amount in the country still shows a surplus compared to the long-term average, but the difference in the 90-day precipitation amount is already greater, there is a surplus in the central part of the country, but there is a significant deficit mainly in the northwest and southeast.

The upper layer of the soil has lost a lot of its moisture content in the very mild and windy southwest in recent days, but looking at the upper one-meter layer, the winter recharge of the soil is good

– they wrote.

They added that the autumn sowings are typically in good condition, and water coverage in the sowings occurs only in small spots.

They drew attention to the fact that persistently mild weather is not good for plants, it disrupts the vegetation cycle, and in the absence of cold, pests and pathogens do not become rare either.

It was noted that too mild weather is particularly dangerous for fruit trees, because in the southwest the sap circulation of some early flowering stone fruit trees has already started, and frosts would be needed to slow down and stop this process. In the southwest, the hazelnut has already begun to bloom, in the northeast this plant is still dormant

– they wrote.

They also said that the mild weather will continue, until the middle of next week the temperature will typically rise above 10 degrees in the southwest, but it will only remain around 5 degrees in the northeast. The nights also promise to be frost-free in a large area. Temporarily colder air will arrive above us from Tuesday, so by Wednesday morning frost is expected in large areas.

Significant precipitation is likely at the beginning of next week, and 10-20 millimeters of rain is expected in many places by the middle of the week. The soil can therefore continue to get wetter during this period, and in the southwest, the amount evaporated in recent days will be replenished, the announcement reads.



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