The range of conditional railway stops in Hungary has been expanded


On six railway lines, the number of stops with typically low passenger traffic has increased by fourteen, where trains only stop if passengers indicate their intention to get off or wait on the platform, MÁV-Start told MTI on Tuesday morning.

Passengers quickly got used to the conditional stop order, which was introduced in order to save fuel and electricity and which has been extended in several stages since 2021, and signaling the intention to land does not cause them a problem, they wrote.

Gyenesdiás, Balatongyörök, and Gógánfa stops for Helikon InterRégió trains on the Balatonszentgyörgy-Tapolca-Ukk line; on the Pusztaszabolcs-Pécs line, Sáregres, Belecska, Szárazd, Regöly, Dúzs and Csibrák stops; Szekszárd-Palánk stop on the Sárbogárd-Bátaszék-Baja line; Zákány stop for some passenger trains on the Nagykanizsa-Pécs line; on the Vámosgyörk-Gyöngyös line Kitérőgyár and Gyöngyöshalász stops; and for the Zagyvarékas stop on the Budapest-Újszász-Szolnok line, the railway company introduced a conditional stop order during the December schedule change, MÁV-Start said in a statement.



Photo: Frank Yvette

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