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Many Hungarian post offices will reopen in January


In the past month and a half, the new management of Magyar Posta Zrt. held intensive and constructive negotiations with local governments about the closed post offices, thanks to which several post offices will reopen in January, negotiations will continue, Magyar Posta told MTI on Wednesday.

At the end of October, Magyar Posta decided to suspend the operation of several post offices across the country due to the drastic increase in energy prices. Because of the sanctioned energy crisis affecting Europe, more and more countries and more and more companies have introduced extraordinary savings measures, and the post office was no exception to this, they reminded in the announcement.

As it was written, the priority task for Magyar Posta is to provide the highest quality postal services to the population, therefore, after the announcement, the new management of the company held constructive negotiations with the leaders of the relevant municipalities in the recent period regarding the re-opening of many currently suspended post offices as soon as possible.

According to their information, in the meetings with the mayors of the settlements, a detailed agreement was reached on how and in what way they can jointly handle the radical increase in energy costs affecting Magyar Posta – in addition to the increase in efficiency affecting the internal and other areas of the company – in relation to the individual suspended post offices.

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