Will we have a white Christmas?


The weather is expected to ease this week, on the first days of the week you can still expect sunshine, but then cloudy, humid, foggy weather will return, and rain and drizzle may also occur.

At the beginning of the week, the temperature can be minus 7 degrees, but by the end of the week, the night frosts will disappear. Cloudy weather is expected on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with maximums between 5 and 12 degrees, according to the medium-term national forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

On Monday, in addition to the few veil clouds, a lot of sunshine is expected, then in the evening it will definitely increase from the northwest, and the veil clouds will thicken in some places. Precipitation is unlikely. The east and south-east winds will remain weak or moderate in the majority of the country, but at the same time they will strengthen in the Fertő and Sopron areas, and the south wind will sometimes become stormy. The highest daytime temperature is likely to be between minus 1 and plus 4 degrees.

At dawn on Tuesday, there may be stratus clouds, humid and foggy areas, with some drizzle. During the day, veil clouds of varying thickness will filter the sunshine, but clouds will increase from the north at lower levels as well. Significant precipitation is unlikely. The east and southeast winds will pick up in some places. The minimum temperature is mostly between minus 7 and minus 1 degree, in the northeast, it can be a few degrees colder. By afternoon, the air warms up between minus 1 and plus 5 degrees.

On Wednesday, a partial cold patch may develop, and as a result, stratus clouds and humid weather with patches of fog are expected in several places. Elsewhere, after the end of the humidity, there may be longer or shorter periods of daylight. Drizzle, possibly sleet, and light rain may occur in some places. The south and south-westerly winds may be accompanied by strong gusts in Southern Transdanubia. The lowest night temperature is usually between minus 5 and plus 1 degrees, it can be colder in parts that are less cloudy at first. By early afternoon, the air usually warms up to between 2 and 8 degrees, but it can be colder in permanently cloudy parts and warmer in sunny parts.

On Thursday, moderately or heavily cloudy weather is likely with patches of mist and fog in some places. There may be drizzle and light rain in some places. The northwest, west and southwest winds are sometimes accompanied by strong gusts. The lowest night temperature is between minus 5 and plus 4, the highest daytime temperature is between 1 and 9 degrees.

On Friday, it is expected to be mostly cloudy, with patches of fog in some places. There is a greater chance of light rain and showers in the northern counties. The south and south-westerly wind will revive and strengthen in some places. The temperature rises from minus 2, plus 5 degrees in the morning to 2, 11 degrees.

On Saturday, the day of Christmas Eve, mostly cloudy weather is likely. There may be light showers in some places. The brisk southerly and southwesterly wind will strengthen in some places. The temperature will be between 0 and plus 6 degrees in the morning, and between 5 and 13 degrees in the early afternoon.

On the first day of Christmas, Sunday, moderately cloudy weather is most likely. Sometimes minor rain and showers cannot be ruled out. The west and southwest wind can sometimes pick up. The minimum temperature can be between 0 and plus 5, and the maximum temperature between 5 and 12 degrees.



Photo: Yvett Frank

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