DK to Request Data of Public Interest on Hungary-Russia Gas Contract


The opposition Democratic Coalition is submitting a request for data in the public interest and will sue to obtain details concerning the price of natural gas under the contract Hungary signed with Russia, party deputy head László Varju said on Tuesday.


The government has raised the price of gas sevenfold, an “unprecedented hike in utility prices” this year, he said. Meanwhile, “Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Russia President Vladimir Putin are the only ones who know the price at which Hungary buys gas from Russia,” he said.


Ruling Fidesz in response said that sanctions enforced also by the left were to blame for the energy crisis and price increases. “If [Ferenc] Gyurcsány and his government were now in power there would be no utility price cuts and gas supplies. Gyurcsány’s government would have long ago introduced all sorts of energy sanctions destroying the economy and Hungarian families,” the party said in a statement.


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