Students, Teachers and Parents Formed a Living Chain for the Future of Education


Demanding the development of education and the respect of teachers, students, teachers, and parents formed a chain in Budapest and the countryside on Friday morning, organized by the United Student Front and the Pala Movement.

As part of the nationwide protest action, they formed a live chain starting from Kossuth Lajos Square in the capital. The participants of the demonstration held “Who will teach tomorrow?”, “Free education!”, “No teacher, no future.” molinos with inscriptions  aloft.

Many of the participants were holding a checkered shirt patterned flag that has become a symbol of demonstrations for the improvement of education. The protesters chanted “Free country, free education!”, “No teacher, no future!” and “Pay our teachers!” rhymes. The demonstration was supported by the Democratic Union of Teachers, the Union of Teachers, the Tanítanék Movement, Teachers for Teachers, ADOM Student Movement, Parents’ Voice, Parents’ Union, Pedagogus Unit, noÁr and Amnesty International.


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