Cloudy Weekend Ahead of Us


By Saturday morning, mist, fog, and clouds will form in many places, which may persist during the day in some places.

There may be drizzle and light rain in some places. During the day, the sun can shine for shorter or longer periods in many places, but we can also encounter gray landscapes more permanently, and in some places in the south, it can occasionally drizzle. The northerly wind may pick up in Alpokalja. By dawn, the temperature will drop between -1 and +7 degrees. In the afternoon, the highest temperature is usually between 9 and 15 degrees, but the weather can remain cooler in permanently gloomy and foggy landscapes.

By Sunday morning, mist and fog will form in most parts of the country, dense fog can also be expected in some places, drizzle and foggy drizzle may develop in several of our regions. During the day, the gray, damp weather may remain in many places, stratus clouds may break up in fewer places, and the sun may shine. In Transdanubia, air movement may pick up. The highest temperature is between 11 and 15 degrees in the sunnier regions, and only around 7-10 degrees in the gray and gloomy parts of the country.

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