Such is life near a battery factory – Hungarian settlements where the population is not happy


In the fall of 2021, ELTE human ecology students prepared a report on the settlements of Hungary, which is currently becoming a “battery superpower”, where this industry of dubious reputation has already set foot.

Gödö, Komárom, Iváncsá, Tárnok, and Sóskuta are followed by Debrecen, because on Monday CATL signed the first legally binding contract with the city of Debrecen, according to which the company will purchase the 221-hectare area in the Southern Economic Zone.

The report states that the official communication is silent on the fact that in practice this process has a heavy price, which is paid by the Hungarian population. We talked to some stakeholders about what it’s like to live near the factories.

“They promised us grass and wood that they pulled this up, and that’s it. Compared to that, the next area has already been sold, and they are constantly expanding and expanding”

– says a resident of Komárom, who believes that if only the bus stop had been displayed, the factory would not have been built.

A resident of Göd spoke about the fact that there was no real information from either the municipality or the factory. According to him, the authorities are politicized, they issue subsequent permits, and the procedures are not carried out, or are not carried out with sufficient thoroughness.

There is also talk of issues related to guest workers settling in, the radical change in their quiet lives, the disappearance of green space, and the fact that more and more people would flee their beloved homes.

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