The vaccination against monkeypox has also arrived in Hungary


The monkeypox vaccine has also arrived in Hungary: Hungary will receive 2,560 doses of the vaccine, which is enough to vaccinate 1,280 people, the National Center for Public Health (NNK) told MTI on Tuesday.

They wrote: that the vaccine consists of two doses, which will have to be administered one month apart. They added: that the vaccine, which is available in limited quantities, is offered to the most vulnerable risk groups.

They were also informed that the NNK and the professional college are currently discussing the details of the exact use of the monkeypox vaccine, after which they will determine the criteria for taking the vaccine and designate the vaccination sites.

According to the NNK, in the 31st and 32nd weeks, between August 1 and 14, a total of 20 more people were confirmed to be infected with monkeypox, thus increasing the number of cases diagnosed in Hungary to 62. The patients are all men between the ages of 23 and 50, and most of them live in Budapest.

The general condition of the infected persons is satisfactory, hospitalization is not necessary for any of them; they are isolated in their homes. The regionally competent epidemiologic authority conducts an epidemiologic examination of all patients, including contact tracing, NNK wrote.

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