WWF: deforestation legalized by the government will be a big problem


According to a decree signed by Viktor Orbán, from now on it is possible to cut down trees practically anywhere in Hungary, and protected areas are not exempt from this.

There will be a demonstration at the Ministry of Agriculture against the cutting of trees

In its Facebook post, WWF Hungary draws attention to the senselessness and possible dangers of the decree.

“The relaxations included in the government decree are to an extent that even in the twentieth century only took place in extraordinary periods – much more critical than the current one – and the consequences of which the Hungarian forests have not fully recovered to this day”

– writes the organization.

According to the WWF, the new regulations have no direct role in mitigating the firewood shortage, while we renounce the restoration of our natural forests in our protected areas.

“We consider increasing logging to be an unprecedentedly risky step. Forest areas in good natural condition help protect against the effects of climate change, reduce the risk of flash floods, play a role in landscape water retention, and protect against soil erosion. With an unsustainable level of logging, we risk losing all of this and undermine the foundations of forest management in the following decades”

– the organization summarized its comments.

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