1,345 coronavirus patients are being treated in hospitals, the number of infected people is increasing in Hungary


The number of people vaccinated is 6,413,420, of which 6,200,225 have received the second, 3,888,311 the third, and 315,917 have already received the fourth vaccine against the coronavirus – last week’s aggregated data was announced by koronavirus.gov on Wednesday. en.

It was written on the government portal that 14,402 new infected people were confirmed last week, increasing the number of identified infected people to 1,965,481 since the beginning of the epidemic. 54 people died, most of them old, chronic patients, so the number of those who died rose to 46,790.

The number of those who have recovered is 1,890,181, and the number of those who are actively infected is 28,510. Currently, 1,345 coronavirus patients are being treated in hospital, 19 of them are on ventilators. There are 1,757 people under official home quarantine.

They emphasized that the number of infected and sick people has increased slightly in recent weeks, so they once again drew attention to the importance of vaccination.

They added that the government and the operational staff continue to continuously analyze the epidemic situation and, if necessary, take additional measures.
They indicated that the virus continues to pose the greatest threat to the unvaccinated, so they are still being asked to get vaccinated.

The booster vaccination is recommended for everyone who received the previous vaccination more than four months ago, they added. It was emphasized that the government continues to provide the possibility of vaccination. Vaccination can still be requested from the family doctor or family pediatrician, as well as picked up at hospital vaccination points, where you can go on Fridays with or without an appointment.



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