Windy and Stormy Weekend Ahead of Us


During the day, there may be thunderstorms on the Danube line and east of it. Thick could will be accompanied by stormy gusts, hail and possibly heavy rainfall, the Meteorological Service wrote on its website.

On Saturday morning, the sky will be partly cloudy, but there may be fewer clouds in smaller areas. Most of the showers and thunderstorms will subside late in the evening, after which precipitation is expected in only a few places, they wrote.
The air movement is losing its strength, but it can still be accompanied in many places by vivid, sometimes strong gusts from the north and northeast.

In the afternoon, sunny weather is expected in most parts of the country, but cumulus cloud formation will become strong east of the Danube and in the eastern part of Transdanubia, and showers and thunderstorms may form in these areas. North, northeast winds are strengthening at times. The highest daytime temperatures are likely to be between 25 and 31 degrees on Saturday.

On Sunday, we can expect a lot of sunshine with cumulus clouds, the chance of precipitation is small. The north wind will be strong in many places. The air warms up from 12, 19 degrees in the morning to 26 to 31 degrees in the afternoon.


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