Novák: Strong, Stable, Effective Military Needed


Hungarian President Katalin Novák pointed to the need for “a strong, stable and effective military”, in a post on Facebook on Saturday, Hungarian National Defence Day. In the post, in English and Hungarian, Novák noted that on this day in 1849, the Hungarian army led by General Artúr Görgey recaptured the castle of Buda from Austrian troops.

“Now, when war is raging in our neighbourhood, we feel even more strongly that we need a strong, stable and effective military force capable of guaranteeing Hungary’s independence, territorial integrity and the military defence of its borders,” she said. “The Hungarian Defence Forces, whose roots go back to 1848-49, are the guarantee for the peace and security in Hungary,” she added.
She acknowledged all Hungarian soldiers and defence workers at home and abroad. “As President and Commander in Chief, I count on your dedicated service,” she said.


Defence Minister Tibor Benkő marked Hungarian National Defence Day on Saturday. Addressing an event in the Buda Castle, Benkő said the day is “a time to remember the heroes, the victims and everyone who sacrificed their lives for Hungary and for the peace and freedom of Hungarians”.

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