Novák Takes Over Presidency From Áder


Katalin Novák on Tuesday took over the presidency of the republic from János Áder. Áder greeted Novák at the entrance of Sándor Palace in the Castle District and showed her round the presidential offices and residency before making an appearance with her on the presidential building’s balcony.


Parliament elected Novák president on March 10, and she will be the sixth president since the 1989/90 change of political system. Novák will be sworn in during a ceremony on Saturday. Hungary’s president fulfils a largely ceremonial role. According to the Fundamental Law, the president expresses the unity of the nation, protects the democratic functions of the state, and is Commander-in-Chief of the Hungarian Armed Forces. The head of state is elected by the parliament for five years and can fulfil no more than two terms of office.

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