The scope of the coronavirus law has been extended again


Parliament gave its assent on Monday to extend the law on protection against the coronavirus pandemic, thus, it will remain in effect until January 1, 2022.

The House decided by 112 votes to 25, with no abstentions.

The Secretary of State for Justice in the parliamentary debate on the amendment considered it essential to prolong the emergency, as this is the only way to ensure effective and rapid decision-making so that the difficulties caused by the coronavirus epidemic can be flexibly addressed in the fourth wave.

Paul Völner stressed that

new virus variants are spreading with unprecedented speed and consequences, so it is essential to ensure the possibility of increased and effective protection on the threshold of the fourth wave.

According to the justification of the proposal, the primary goal of the government is to protect the life and health of the Hungarian people, as well as to reduce economic damage and preserve jobs. The fight against the pandemic over the last year and a half has proved that the emergency and transitional legal frameworks previously adopted have served these purposes well – read the submission.

The Parliament first extended the 90-day law, originally passed in February this year, in May, until the 15th day after the first day of the autumn parliamentary session, ie until October 5. Now this deadline is being pushed out by the House until January.

The law stipulates that the government may eliminate the emergency earlier than planned.



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