Cold comes from Siberia announcing the end of summer weather


In the second half of the week, only a weak cold front will bring wetter weather and a few degrees of cooling, but we can expect a radical change early next week.

Until the second half of the week, the summer heat persists, and then a cold front reaches Hungary. It won’t cause a serious cooldown, as if it were just a hesitant warning sign of the marked change that is coming early next week.

Next week, the flow to the northeast from Siberia will bring an unusual cold over us.

We can expect peak temperatures of 12-17 degrees in Hungary, but in the Eastern Carpathians 1-10 centimeters of snow can fall.

– meteorologist László Molnár, an employee of Kiderü, told Autumn arrives with a hesitant step and then a huge leap.

According to the long-term forecast of Agronaptá, the cold will make its mark on the whole next week, 26-27. warming may start around. Then you can expect calm, sunny weather.

Precipitation and a little cooling will also arrive this week

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