President Áder Discusses Environmental Education in Podcast


President János Áder on Monday discussed programmes teaching sustainability in public education in his Blue Planet podcast with Miklós Matolcsy, the head of a company organising thematic weeks in public schools.


Thematic weeks on sustainability are held in about a third of Hungarian schools, with some 400,000 students participating, Áder said. According to a survey filled out by 11,000 students, they see noise pollution, illegal waste dumps and water pollution as the most important issues, he said. Besides organising thematic weeks, PontVelem, the company headed by Matolcsy, also offers a curriculum on sustainability, including teacher training, textbooks and a complete methodology which has already been adopted by 200 schools, he said. The curriculum is currently developed for 15-16-year-olds, with the textbook for 17-18-year-olds already in progress, he said.


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