Registered Coronavirus Infections in Hungary Increase by 19

Europe National

The number of registered coronavirus infections in Hungary has increased by 19 to 4,366 over the past 24 hours, said on Wednesday morning.

The number of fatalities remains unchanged at 596, while 3,283 people have made a recovery. There are 487 active infections and 76 coronavirus patients are being treated in hospital for Covid-19, four on ventilators. Fully 6,553 people are in official home quarantine, while the number of tests carried out stands at 312,998. New restrictions on entering the country came into force last week with the aim of preventing the import of infections from abroad. Foreign countries have been classed into three categories: red, yellow, green. The authorities are screening arrivals and taking action based on the severity of the infection rate in each country. This can include ordering home quarantine for 14 days and compulsory testing. The government and the chief medical officer review the classification of the countries on a weekly basis. To avoid a flare-up of the epidemic, the government has cancelled the celebrations that draw large crowds on the August 20 national holiday, including the fireworks and the air show. Meanwhile, gatherings of more than 500 people are banned until August 15.


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