Tightening Restrictions Not Excluded

Europe National

The government’s introducing tighter restrictions concerning the novel coronavirus epidemic as early as in the next few days “cannot be excluded”, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said.

Gergely Gulyás said the number of Covid-19 cases was falling in Hungary, but the number of cases has recently grown in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia and Austria. The Hungarian central team coordinating prevention could review the question of free movement between Hungary and those countries, he said.

Gulyás also said that the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrat parties have initiated convening parliament for early next week so that it can give the government a clear mandate regarding the European Union’s planned coronavirus related recovery fund. The EU must adopt a package that is fair, that does not give more money to the richer member states than it does to the poorer ones, focuses on economic growth and rebooting the economy and is free of politics, he said. Gulyás said he hoped that the EU could come up with a solution through which countries with financial difficulties could be helped but which could also facilitate that countries in central Europe are granted funds to revive their economies.



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