Subtenant in Budapest Has Not Paid for Three Years, and It Has Proved Impossible to Evict Them

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For three years, a teacher-engineer couple from Budapest has not had a single forint of income from their inherited apartment, which was sublet, reports Blikk. For so long, the residents have not paid rent or utility bills, and now they have not been able to dismantle the electric meter in the property, despite the fact that the service provider decided to do so.

According to the newspaper, the father of the family who currently lives in the apartment threatened to file a complaint, saying that if he is left without electricity, his minor children and pregnant wife will also be at risk. He also stated that, if necessary, he would line up his acquaintances and forcefully stay in the apartment. ELMŰ wants to collect a HUF 2.5 million debt from the owners. Tamás Hurton told the newspaper that, by now, at least he had reached the point where the service provider was willing to dismantle the electric meter of their apartment, thereby making it impossible for the residents to finally move out of the property after the notice and dozens of notices. “I initiated a conciliation negotiation with the service provider to release the debt, as I have proof that it is not my fault, but they are adamant, they know that they do not see money from my tenant, so they make me responsible and a debtor” – he said.

At the same time, the subtenant did not allow the mechanics to enter the apartment, and after threatening them, the police were called to the scene. However, no significant progress was achieved. Even though there was a decision to terminate the electricity supply, the mechanics left my apartment unfinished. The termination, the decision of the ELMŰ was not enough, the police did not intervene in the removal of those illegally staying in our apartment. They said that until action is taken, they can’t take action because it’s only a civil case, not a criminal one. Of course, the tenant remained silent in front of them, denied everything, even though his words and movements in front of him showed that he was not a fan of a peaceful solution, said Tamás.

The non-paying tenant has four children, they are expecting the fifth, now according to the law they could not be evicted anyway. But with the clause, the owner can immediately terminate the agreement, and the resident who accumulated the debt must leave the apartment by March.

The tenant told private investigator Gusztáv Junghaus that he has no money and does not see much improvement in his financial situation. The condition of the apartment is deplorable, the tenants have occupied it, the wires are hanging, the toilet tank has disappeared, inhumane conditions prevail. It is a great lesson for everyone that you only rent out your apartment against a notary document, because in possession of it, forced eviction can be carried out immediately. “I feel sorry for the owner, because the service provider will collect the debt from him, and he will never see the arrears of rent, and the renovation of the apartment will also consume millions”, he added.

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