Mini-Nursery Established in Törtel

Local News

A mini crèche with fourteen beds was handed over to Törtel – the local government of the Pest county municipality informed MTI.

One of the buildings of Tulipán Kindergarten, owned by the municipality, was converted into a nursery school. The project includes interior remodeling, roof renovation and the creation of a thermal envelope around the building, as well as tidying up the yard. It was reported about the renovated building that it is located in a central but quiet location within the settlement, where it can accommodate fourteen children.

With the development, the aim of the local government is to promote the employment of parents with small children, which is particularly important from the labor market point of view and because of the financial situation of the families – they emphasized, noting that this also enables the care and education of disadvantaged children to begin at an early stage of life. The HUF 50 million awarded in the tender is supported by the Hungarian state and the Ministry of Finance, the announcement states.


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