Reformed Church Complex Inaugurated in Budapest

Local News
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán inaugurated a renewed complex of the bishop’s seat, and the Ráday seminary and student hostel of the Reformed Church in central Budapest on Saturday.

In his address, the prime minister said “we have to stand the trials and carry our homeland to the other side unharmed, clinging to each other, trusting God, with our eyes on the other side and not on the floods”.


Referring to the Reformed Church’s forefathers, Orbán said their instructions were “a commandment to keep not only the faith but our Hungarian identity, too”. He added it had been “no question” that his “national government” would stand by the Reformed Church and provide assistance in hard times, noting a devastating fire that had destroyed the seminary.


Praising the Ráday seminary, the prime minister said it had educated “generations of pastors to serve Hungary with full spirit, passing on their faith, knowledge, self-esteem and Hungarian identity, and braving vicissitudes and God made miracles through them”.


Hungary has again and again been granted “strength to restart, renew and rebuild the country after destruction”, Orbán said, adding that “this renewing strength… is at least as needed now than after the second world war or after the fall of communism”.


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