Five Teachers Got Fired for Participating in Civil Disobedience

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Five teachers were fired from the Kölcsey Ferenc High School in Budapest for civil disobedience, the reason for the dismissals was later confirmed by the relevant school district.


Tamás Palya, a teacher at Ferenc Kölcsey High School in Budapest, told that his class had just started when the principal asked him to come over.

The assistant principal of the school district and two other people were there. They said they only had to deliver a letter, they couldn’t comment the case, Tamás Palya told the portal.

The letter stated that his employment would be terminated with extraordinary dismissal.

The decision was justified by the fact that he repeatedly participated in civil disobedience despite warnings.

According to Palya, there have been three such days since September 9th, as the protesting teachers set aside one day a week for insubordination. He told the staff of the school district that he did not feel it was fair, because at the same time he was working on weekends and organized trips. “I told them, I look in the mirror with a calm heart, I hope you do too.” They didn’t answer anything.



According to the exemption, he cannot teach classes from Monday. He will take the case to court.

The portal’s article reveals that, in addition to him, several Kölcsey teachers were fired on Friday. Katalin Törley, known from the Tanítanék Movement, is probably among them, and she was not at school when the principal called her. For this reason, she has not yet received the letter, but she does not believe that it contains anything else, since she also participated in the disobedience.


After that, two hundred people were protesting alongside the teachers of Kölcsey Ferenc High School who were fired for participating in civil disobedience, reported.

According to their information, only three of the five fired teachers were able to receive their resignation letters.

One of the fired teachers has a mathematics and chemistry major. He was the school’s only chemistry teacher.

According to the correspondent, there were so many people on Munkácsy Mihály street that they were blocking the road from cars. There were policemen standing at the two entrances to the street, they didn’t even let cars in anymore.


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