Mel Gibson Appeared in a Balaton Wine Bar

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An unexpected guest appeared in one of the Balaton wine bars: Mel Gibson popped in without any announcement.


Yesterday started as an average Wednesday at the Jásdi Wine Terrace, then Mel Gibson walked in the door and then chatted with the staff for an hour, Blikk writes. Speaking to the newspaper, the owner of the wine bar, István Jásdi, said that they were completely unexpectedly visited by the star.

We did not expect his arrival, but we were very happy for him. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there in the bar, I can only rely on my colleague’s report. He spent an hour at the bar. He was very friendly, in the end when he was asked for a photo, he was even surprised to be recognized – he told.

No one told them there, though the usual protocol for a world star is to inform the venue in advance so they can prepare for the celebrity’s arrival. However, Mel Gibson’s visit was completely private.

He arrived with his family and a driver. He tasted the wines, talked about a good taste, and then bought a considerable amount of our top-class top wines, the owner said. Mel Gibson recently showed up in Budapest, where he appeared in several restaurants without his bodyguards.


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