Fire broke Out in Szent Imre Hospital, a Young Woman Died

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A fire broke out on Sunday morning at Szent Imre’s Hospital in Budapest, and the flames were extinguished by firefighters early in the morning.


A woman died in the fire, a spokesman for the National Rescue Service confirmed to MTI.

Pál Győrfi said that a young woman had lost her life due to severe burns. He added that seven rescue units had arrived at the scene, two men and one woman were taken to another hospital’s toxicology department on suspicion of smoke poisoning. According to the primary information from the spokesperson, several patients were transferred to other wards within the hospital, but four people had to be transferred by ambulances to another health facility.

Máté Kisdi, a spokesman for the Budapest Disaster Management Directorate, told MTI that the flames had erupted on the ground floor of a multi-storey building in the hospital, in a detoxification room.

Firefighters marched to the scene with large forces – 18 vehicles – to start extinguishing the flames and saving lives. The spokesman said the fire was extinguished in the early morning, preventing the flames from spreading. 56 patients had to be relocated in the building. Máté Kisdi told the public media at the scene that the fire affected an area of ​​five square meters and the smoke about 100 square meters.



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