Heatwave – Morning heat record in Budapest

Local News

By dawn on Wednesday, the morning heat record in the capital was broken, the National Meteorological Service said on its website.


As it was written: due to the warmer air waves of African origin arriving in the region of Hungary with the south-western flow, the heat has been raging in the Carpathian Basin for days. On Tuesday in the afternoon, with the exception of the mountains, the maximum temperatures were above 30 degrees Celsius nationwide. In Budapest, after the heat of the day, the night did not bring any significant refreshment. Thus, the Budapest record of the highest minimum temperature for June 23rd was also broken. At dawn, the air temperature at Budapest-Lágymányos station cooled to only 23.8 degrees, which was more than one degree higher than the 22.3 degrees measured earlier that day. The meteorological service on Tuesday indicated that it was expected to be even warmer on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, the highest temperature is expected to be between 31 and 38 degrees. While late in the evening it is expected to be between 22-27 degrees.



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