Twenty Employees Quit the Intensive Care Unit of Szent Imre Hospital

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In Szent Imre Hospital, Budapest, all the 17 nurses and 3 doctors leave the intensive care unit. The unit is full of Covid patients.

From yesterday, nurses are assigned to the intensive care unit of Szent Imre Hospital from other departments. It is a huge task for nurses who are less experienced in intensive care, because the current pressure is not only on the entrants, but also on the professional staff with many years of experience. We’re so sorry, but we had to do that,” said one of the 17 nurses who resigned at Szent Imre Hospital. They have so far cared for covid-intensive, non-covid-intensive, and the so-called gray zone, where there are covid-suspected but not yet confirmed patients. The nurse said they had reported their problems to the hospital management last year, but had received nothing but promises.

When asked what the biggest problems were, the nurse replied, “Everything. Not enough assets, no people, no money. You have to beg for basic things like rubber gloves, FFP-2 masks, protective clothes.” Management said everything was fine with these items.

“It was painful that they didn’t even try to make us stay, who had been working here for 20-30 years.” The rule is that if a healthcare worker receives their severance pay after working so far, they cannot be hired in a public institution for a month. After a month, they can go anywhere to work.

Szent Imre Hospital wrote that the vast majority of their staff – doctors and nurses – had already signed the new contract of employment.


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