Icelandic student pronounced guilty

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An Icelandic woman was convicted guilty of aggravated battery by the Court of Debrecen on 20 January 2016.

In July 2012 E.C.F., an Icelandic student of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen drugged her Nigerian friend and attacked her with a hammer.

At that time, the defendant and plaintiff were friends, both medical students of the University of Debrecen. On 24 July 2012, the two girls spent the afternoon together. E.C.F. invited F.B., the Nigerian girl for dinner and she put sedatives in her dish. Soon F.B. fell asleep.

The next day she felt dizzy, so E.C.F. told her to stay at her apartment. Later that day, the defendant took the plaintiff home; F.B. was still weak, she barely remembered what had happened that day. When she fell asleep on the floor, E.C.F. sat on her legs and hit her head twice with a hammer. F.B. woke up to the attack and somehow she managed to run away.

She could find help in the neighboring stairway. A resident called the ambulance and the Nigerian student was taken to the Kenézy Hospital. By the time the police arrived on the scene, the defendant had left her apartment.

Later she was brought to justice, she denied all the charges. Her statement was inconsistent; she said that she gave 5.015 $ to F.B., which she did not want to give her back. She also said that a third person had attacked the Nigerian girl.

However the plaintiff did not show up on yesterday’s trial, her previous three statements and the statements of eight witnesses were convincing enough.

E.C.F. was convicted of five years of suspended sentence and she is expelled from Hungary for five years.

The verdict is not considered legally binding, the lawyer of the defendant can appeal. The translation of the indictment will be sent to E.C.F. After she receives it, she could appeal against the verdict in eight days.


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  1. What a barbaric act. Heavens will never forgive her even if the court does after appeal. She is very wicked

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