Earthquake in China – At Least 118 People Died


The 6.2-magnitude earthquake wreaked havoc in the northern part of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau shortly before midnight local time. According to Chinese state media, at least one hundred and eighteen people were killed in the natural disaster and hundreds more were injured.


According to a Reuters report, rescue operations are also being hampered by sub-freezing temperatures. It was in the areas affected by the disaster, where they measured minus 14 degrees. The epicenter of the earthquake was 5 km from the border of Gansu Province. According to the Chinese news agency, there was also a strong earthquake in several parts of Qinghai province.


In Gansu province, 105 deaths were registered as of 8 am local time on Tuesday, and 16 of the 397 injured are in critical condition, the provincial authorities said. In Qinghai, the death toll is at least 13, with 182 injured, according to state media. Twenty people are listed as missing. The provincial fire department is participating in the rescue with around 2,200 people, the forestry brigade with 900 people, and another 260 professional rescuers have also arrived in the area affected by the disaster. The army and the police are also involved in the rescue work, the news summary revealed.

Photo: AFP

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