H.E.R. is sharing heartbreaking memories of wearing the Beauty and the Best yellow-dress for the first time


Multi-Award (including the Oscar) winning R&B singer, H.E.R. is sharing sentimental moments on stage on the Beauty and the Beast 30th Celebration in Director Guild America (DGA), in Los Angeles on May 30, 2023, about wearing the iconic Disney-princess yellow dress for the first time on set.

“I keep telling everybody this story but I see it so vividly in my head like, I was really really young, when I first saw The Beauty and the Beast on VHS at my cousin’s house”

– shared the 25-years old singer.

“She had a doll, it was like one of those special ones that we can’t take out of the box – I guess – and it was in the closet. And her mom didn’t want us to touch it, because it was a special one. But we would just stare at the doll and be like, like I want to wear the yellow dress. So the fact that I got to wear the yellow dress was a full circle moment for me and my cousin… My cousin passed away in 2015. So to have this moment, and just think of her, it made it really really extra special for me because of her doll.”

The original Beauty and Beast animation film was released before the singer was born, but she remembers singing along to the Oscar-winning songs.

– Virág Vida –

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