Biden: A Ukrainian Anti-Aircraft Missile May Have Crashed in Poland


A missile hit a grain transporter on Tuesday evening near the Ukrainian border, on the Polish side. Two people died.

According to the first information, the remnants of a missile fired by the Ukrainian air defense system crashed in Polish territory.

Moscow said Russia had nothing to do with the missile.

After what happened, the leaders of the G7 countries called an extraordinary summit. Viktor Orbán convened a meeting of the Defense Council on Tuesday evening. For the time being, both the American and Polish commentators say that there is no conclusive evidence, and that it is unlikely that the missile was fired from Russia anyway.


Orbán: Calmness is needed now

The prime minister decided: after the meeting of the Defense Council on Tuesday evening, the government meeting on Wednesday will also discuss the latest developments in the Russian-Ukrainian war, after a missile strike is believed to have occurred in Poland and the Friendship oil pipeline was shut down as a result of a missile attack. Viktor Orbán wrote in his Facebook post on Wednesday morning: At the government meeting, we evaluate the latest developments in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Calmness is needed now.


According to the Turkish president, there was a technical glitch, who, according to MTI, spoke about respecting Russia’s claim that it had nothing to do with the missile strike in Poland, and pointed out that US President Joe Biden is of the same opinion. Erdogan stressed that the incident required a thorough investigation and would speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin after he returned to Turkey from the G20 summit. At the same time, the Turkish leader called the rumors that they were Russian missiles a provocation. “We will do everything to bring Ukraine and Russia to the negotiating table. Provocation does not help,” said the Turkish president.


The Polish tabloid Fakt published a report from Przewodów, where witnesses were interviewed after the rocket impact. In the article seen by 444, locals said they first heard a sharp sound, followed by a loud explosion. Several people said that they saw two rockets in the sky, but this was not confirmed by official sources, including the Polish government. One of the locals talked about how windows were broken in the houses near the plant, from the cars, and another man talked about the two deceased men. As he said, the two men in their sixties had been working hard and had been in the cornfields for days. Disaster management is still on the scene, they are recording the tracks, drones are flying over the area. The police cordon is 150 meters in front of the plant.


Biden: a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile may have hit Poland

There are indications that the missile that struck eastern Poland on Tuesday, killing two people, was a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile, US President Joe Biden said at the G20 summit on Wednesday. Biden was talking about an SZ-300 anti-aircraft missile fired by a Soviet-made missile system that crashed into a grain warehouse in Przewodów, Poland, 6 kilometers from the Ukrainian-Polish border, killing two people, the Polish Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday, dpa reported. Warsaw previously claimed that the missile was Russian-made, but added that it was not yet known who fired it. Ukraine and Russia both use Soviet-made missiles, reports MTI.


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