The tragic news has just arrived: Anne Heche has been declared brain dead and will be disconnected from the machines


A week after her serious car accident, the actress is disconnected from the machines that keep her alive.

Representatives of the family and friends of actress Anne Heche have announced that the star has been officially declared brain dead after her car accident in Los Angeles, so she will be disconnected from life support machines, reports Blikk based on information from The Daily Mail.

The actress suffered such severe brain injuries that she fell into a coma shortly after the accident. He is being kept on a ventilator until it is determined which of his organs can be donated. This was Anne Heche’s wish upon her death.

Authorities determined that the actress had consumed cocaine before the horrific accident when she ran full speed into a house. He also suffered serious lung damage and burns during the accident. Based on the recordings, you can see that she still regained consciousness when they put her in the ambulance, but in the end, Anne Heche fell into a coma and was only technically alive.

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